Wednesday, 19 December 2012

On the road to ARTPOP! Dec 14-21

hey guys this is On the road to artpop, a category that includes details, latest pics and new songs feutured in ARTPOP. So guys are you exited, I know i am!!!

"Hold on a lil longer monsters!"

Well lady gaga is truly amazing in so many ways.

Artpop will be featured with new famous songs "stache, princess die and cake like lady gaga"
all amazing and wonderful songs.

so guys that's it for today next time there's a suprise here on the road to love ugh i mean to artpop!

Monday, 17 December 2012


updated twitter pic

Francesca Bernoldo from Barcelona, spain painted.

Lilly Corleen from NYC did make-up tutorial

Austin Cal Mendler from Dallas, Texas painted.

updated twitter background

we have a daily twitter contest known as: Art Director. win $70,000. to win follow us @ladygaga_artwork and tweet us your work.

daily art director winner= lilly corleen at the end of the day she won $90,000